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probably one of the most dangerous and tragic opponents to emerge from the battlefields associated with Clone Wars was Asajj Ventress, a disciple associated with dark part and sworn opponent associated with Jedi. Forever of enduring harsh hardships had purged any compassion from her cold heart, and a fierce success instinct forged inside ceaseless threats of the woman bloody homeworld kept her regarding dark path. Much of the woman last remains shrouded in secret. Ventress comes from Rattatak, a barbaric globe where violent bloodshed is an everyday incident. The primitive world is not even close to the Republic edges, and is ruled by intense warlords which continuously struggle for domination. A warlord named Osika Kirske murdered Asajj's moms and dads when she had been really younger. Somehow, a young Jedi known as Ky Narec had become stranded on this forsaken globe. Cut off from the Jedi Council, Narec discovered Asajj and took it upon himself to train the Force-strong orphan. The two rapidly became heroes, vanquishing numerous warlords, closing wars, and uniting armies until Kirske conspired using the continuing to be warlords to retaliate. They succeeded in killing Narec before he could finish Asajj's training. As a result, she had the relevant skills of this Jedi along with a raw, unfocused talent within the energy. She never ever influenced her instinctual fury, when the lady master died, she created a hatred the Republic which had abandoned her guide, and had overlooked the atrocities of Rattatak. Asajj's rage fueled her energy, and she clawed her way up to a posture of expert on the lawless realm of Rattatak. She conquered and imprisoned most of the staying warlords, including Osika Kirske, who she'd sooner or later destroy. She could most readily useful the monstrous combatants inside gladiatorial games held on a regular basis regarding the world. Shortly after the outbreak of this Clone Wars, amount Dooku stumbled on Rattatak, searching for another world to enhance the Separatist fold. What he discovered instead was a lot more promising. Ventress' raw skill and intense determination impressed Dooku. The charismatic leader associated with the Confederacy could hire the younger warrior by attractive to her disgust utilizing the Jedi plus the Republic. Dooku verified Ventress' bitter a few ideas the Jedi had abandoned their particular ethics and convictions. Ventress proved her skills by challenging Dooku to a duel. Though Dooku won the sparring contest, he welcomed Ventress to accompany him back to the Confederacy as a personal protégé. Though Ventress longed to determine herself as a Sith, she did not receive Sith training. While Dooku helped hone her skills, he taught her nothing associated with the knowledge special to your Sith. Her skills were a variety of incomplete Jedi instruction plus her own strategies. Her raw talents and bottomless fine of anger and discomfort bolstered the woman dark side abilities. Offering into her trend granted her additional capabilities. Ventress turned out to be a cunning army mastermind, and Dooku made this lady a commander inside the Separatist army. Among her first tasks was disrupting a meeting between Jedi Master Mace Windu and a team of dissident Jedi. Dooku had no compunctions about exploiting and lying to Asajj to meet up with their finishes. He informed her that Windu ended up being accountable for the abandonment of the woman previous Jedi coach. Asajj performed struggle with Windu on the moon of Ruul, and even though Asajj ended up being forced to flee the fight, Windu found recognize that a fresh and dark menace on Jedi is at huge. Asajj was in demand of a Separatist plot to release a deadly chemical tool in the Gungan colony moon of Ohma-D'un. It was an early test of a chemical warfare system resistant to the clone troopers of the Republic. Though Asajj and Durge had to flee the Naboo moon, they'd shown to be formidable opponents resistant to the Jedi. General Obi-Wan Kenobi followed Asajj on chemical gun development flowers on Queyta. Asajj was assigned by Count Dooku to once more provide Kenobi the opportunity to get in on the Separatists, but the Jedi declined. Asajj once again escaped to plague the Republic on various other battlefronts. Four months following the Battle of Geonosis, Asajj joined the fighting on Muunilinst, where Republic clone troopers attacked droid factories on the InterGalactic Banking Clan homeworld. Although the bounty hunter Durge handled the floor promotion, Asajj soared into battle aboard certainly one of her fanblade starfighters. The woman amazing piloting abilities received the eye of Anakin Skywalker, the Padawan who was simply leading the area causes. Despite purchases to not go after, Anakin offered chase, and Asajj lured the youthful Jedi-in-training into a trap. Anakin accompanied Asajj through hyperspace towards old Sith temples of Yavin 4. Anakin continued his quest by foot, assisted by clone troopers. Utilizing the power, Asajj whittled away the clone trooper guards, then began a wonderful lightsaber duel with Anakin. Therefore talented was she, Asajj also turned out to be difficult towards fabled preferred One of Jedi legend. To conquer the girl, Anakin needed the side provided by providing into anger. In a furious counter-attack, youthful Skywalker repulsed Ventress, just who nonetheless survived. After being captured on Jabiim, Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi together with ARC trooper called Alpha were transported to Ventress' personal fortress on Rattatak. Truth be told there, she tortured the prisoners hoping of breaking Obi-Wan's character and presenting the defeated Jedi as a trophy to Count Dooku. Kenobi foiled the woman plans, though, and escaped with Alpha. Adding insults to injuries, Kenobi stole Ky Narec's lightsaber, which Ventress kept as a memento of the woman past, and left Rattatak by absconding with certainly one of her fanblade fighters. Asajj has perfected a lightsaber fight type that uses paired blades to hit and parry. She carried double weapons fond of her by amount Dooku, and every bears an equivalent archaic curved handle design favored by the previous Jedi Master. Ventress' lightsaber manages are specifically changed to enable them to link into a joined, S-shaped handle, getting a double-bladed lightsaber.