What does Asah mean?

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A lanky, slim, practically ethereal being that just flows seamlessly through everything. Has actually a discrete but undeniable existence that develops you gradually, slowly, before you find yourself therefore intoxicated by everything triggered inside you, you're hooked.A verbal and mental lubricant, capable stir even the most boring and simple of imaginations, but particularly flex the muscle tissue associated with more brilliant people. Will yield rich inner experiences ranging from wild sex images into many innocent moments of pure magic.a consistent supply of fascination coming from possessing an exceedingly delicious mind.A flexible canvas that will allow one to conjure and attach most the good attributes onto it.A goddamn hurricane, goddamn violent storm, goddamn tempest.More usually than not an underlying cause for disappointment as a result of continual importance of more and more. Light, invisible like air, as well as short moments from time to time just like vital.A reason to reduce your otherwise flawless feeling of explanation.For a bit, at the very least, the mistress of some other strange entity.Hazardous and cautious as well, constantly pending between control plus the lack of it.Will turn you into laugh frequently and help keep you on the toes.