What does Arzt mean?

Arzt - German to English


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  • doctor of medicine
  • general practitioner
  • coroner [Am.]
  • vascular medical practitioner
  • neonatologist
  • psychiatrist
  • (health) intern
  • houseman [Br.]
  • house officer [Br.]
  • home doctor [Am.]
  • junior physician [Br.]
  • registrar [doctor education become a professional] [Br.]
  • professional registrar
  • resident [Am.]
  • medical bachelor [Br.]
  • physician

Sentence Examples with the word Arzt

Hobart, The Medical Language of St Luke (Dublin, 1882), but hitherto neglected by many Continental scholars, has been urged afresh by Harnack, Lukas der Arzt (Leipzig, 1906; Eng.

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