What does Arwel Arwel mean?

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an attractive monster of a guy. He is attractive and amazing during sex. He could be passionate and an excellent fan and likes moderately kinky intercourse. He is daring when you look at the bed room. Arwel is a caring individual and it is good to keep in touch with. He is funny and sweet and sexy. He has got an excellent character and whereas he might appear cocky, he is extremely moderate. He does not think a lot of himself and contains close to no self-esteem. He's constantly unhappy but comes across as extroverted, confident and happy. He usually tends to make mistakes in interactions and it is some a douchebag. He wants to think about himself as a person however in reality, as he falls in love he could be devoted and dedicated to their woman. He's scared of commitment and monotony. A person whom in the beginning you'll think is amazing and like hardly any other but he will shortly show their real colours.His favourite pastime is lying but he really isn't good at it and trips himself up quite easily he lies so frequently he also believes exactly what he's saying to be true but he's effortlessly caught down as his memory is very bad and then he usually forgets what lies he has informed.He proclaims to love you but his just love is himself.