What does Arve mean?

Arve meaning in Names Dictionary

Eagle tree.
Name Origin: Norse
Name Gender: Male

Arve - German to English

arolla pine [Pinus cembra]

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  • Cembra pine [Pinus cembra]
  • hill pine [Pinus uncinata, syn.: P. montana, P. mugo subsp. uncinata, P. sanguinea]
  • Swiss pine [Pinus cembra]
  • Swiss stone pine [Pinus cembra]

Sentence Examples with the word Arve

To the south is the valley of the Arve (descending from the snows of the Mont Blanc chain), which unites with that of the Rhone a little below the town; while behind the Arve the grey and barren rocks of the Petit Saleve rise like a wall, which in turn is overtopped by the distant and ethereal snows of Mont Blanc. Yet the actual site of the town is not as picturesque as that of several other spots in Switzerland.

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