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Articles AR-tuh-kleez n. The Greek god who protects all report and imprinted papers saved inside the Clouds around Mt. Olympus.

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1. A connected group of propositions; something of rules. The subdivisions of a document, rule, book, etc. A specification of distinct issues decided or set up by authority or requiring Judicial action. 2. A statute; as having its terms articulately expressed under distinct minds. A number of the ancient English statutes were called “articles,” (articuli.) 3. a method of guidelines set up by legal authority; as articles of war, articles regarding the navy, articles of trust, (see infra.) 4. A contractual document executed between functions, containing terms or regards to contract; as articles of arrangement, articles of partnership. 5. In chancery training. An official written declaration of objections submitted by a party, after depositions were taken, showing ground for discrediting the witnesses.

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His impassioned yet reasoned eloquence gave him an influence which was increased by his articles in the Parlement in which he opposed violent measures against the unauthorized congregations.

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