What does Arthroscope mean?

Arthroscope meaning in Medical Dictionary

A thin versatile fiberoptic range which is introduced into a joint space through a tiny cut to complete diagnostic and therapy procedures inside the joint. An arthroscope is approximately the diameter of a drinking straw. It really is fitted with a miniature camera, a light source and accuracy resources at the end of versatile tubes. An arthroscope may be used not only for diagnostic processes but an array of medical repairs, such debridement, or cleaning, of a joint to eliminate components of torn cartilage, ligament repair, and synovectomy (elimination of the joint lining). Each is done without a significant, unpleasant operation, and, since arthroscopy needs only tiny cuts, many processes can be done on an outpatient foundation with neighborhood anesthetic.

Arthroscope meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

A medical instrument regularly look at the within a joint.

Arthroscope meaning in General Dictionary

a type of endoscope that is placed into a shared for aesthetic examination