What does Arteriosclerosis mean?

Arteriosclerosis meaning in General Dictionary

a chronic disease described as abnormal thickening and solidifying of this walls for the arteries esp for the intima occurring mostly in old age Subtypes are distinguished eg arteriolosclerosis and atherosclerosis

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  • sclerosis associated with the arterial wall space

Arteriosclerosis meaning in Medical Dictionary

Hardening and thickening for the walls of arteries. Arteriosclerosis can happen because of fatty deposits from the inner liner of arteries (atherosclerosis), calcification associated with wall surface of the arteries, or thickening associated with the muscular wall surface regarding the arteries from chronically elevated blood pressure (hypertension).

Arteriosclerosis meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"hardening of the arteries," 1885, health Latin, from arterio- + sclerosis.

Arteriosclerosis meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

A medical condition in which arteries become thicker and harder in surface.