What does Artemis Fowl the Second mean?

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The smartest person regarding the face of this world. Artemis is Irish. By 2010, he could be 15 years old and no one, not even the fantastic child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has received an excellent intellect.Son of Artemis Fowl the first and Angeline Fowl, he arises from a family of criminal masterminds, and is thought to possess highest IQ in Europe (estimated 200). Whoever runs into him will likely to be instantly struck with a vocabulary and intellect so large that you'll immediately forget of him along with his "vampire smile". He detests physical labor.Master of psychology, music, art, chess, and several various other topics/ activities, Artemis Fowl in addition passes the names F. Roy Dean Schillpe, Stefan Bashkir, Emnesy Squire, and several others.Artemis, at the age of 15, ended up being 5 feet, 5 inches tall, weighed 55 kilograms, but still were able to function as smartest individual in Europe. He has dark, "raven-colored" locks, and deep blue eyes like their father.He is the primary personality for the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer, though he could be believed to in fact exist.