What does Artemidorus mean?

Artemidorus meaning in Names Dictionary

'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' an instructor of rhetoric.
Name Origin: Shakespearean
Name Gender: Male

Artemidorus meaning in Medical Dictionary

Artemidorus of Daldis. Greek doctor just who wrote Oneirocritica, a work focused on the interpretation of fantasies, in the center of the next century C.E. Artemidorus gathered research during interviews with thousands of people about their particular ambitions. While his work has often been dismissed as mere divination, the cautious study of aspirations by modern psychiatrists has brought all of them back into the world of systematic observance. "In later antiquity Artemidorus of Daldis was considered to be the best authority on dream-interpretation ..." (Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of hopes and dreams)

Sentence Examples with the word Artemidorus

According to Artemidorus (whose authority is followed by Strabo), the towns that formed the Lycian league in the days of its integrity were twentythree in number; but Pliny states that Lycia once possessed seventy towns, of which only twenty-six remained in his day.

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