What does Arriere mean?

Arriere meaning in General Dictionary

ldquoThat that is behindrdquo the trunk mainly utilized as an adjective within the sense of behind rear subordinate

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  • "what is behind"; the trunk; -- mainly used as an adjective in the sense of behind, rear, subordinate.

Arriere meaning in Sports Dictionary

the gamer regarding the court whose task is to stand behind and strike the deep volleys which come across through the opposing group. (sport: Jai alai)

Arriere - French to English

tail [fig.] [rear]

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  • back [rear, concealed or last in range]
  • back [paw, wheel, car]
  • back

Arriere meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) "what is behind"; the rear; -- mainly utilized as an adjective when you look at the feeling of behind, rear, subordinate.

Sentence Examples with the word Arriere

Ballades in Blue China (1880, enlarged edition, 1888), Ballads and Verses Vain (1884), selected by Mr Austin Dobson; Rhymes a la Mode (1884), Grass of Parnassus (1888), Ban and Arriere Ban (1894), New Collected Rhymes (1905).

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