What does Arpoika mean?

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a) n: A breed of horse.b) When used as a suitable name, it describes the manliest of males, one that loves deeply, just who life righteously, offers his household, really loves the outside, enjoys entertaining, and adores children. A champion conversationalist, makes even most introverted individual feel totally at ease. Insists on pancakes created from scrape, and certainly will melt at picture or aroma of pecan cake. Their sound is similar to a tiger's purr. One hug from Arpoika remedies despair. Kindness is his strongest characteristic, and would even wash meals for a friend in need of assistance. Is a fierce protector of the he really loves. Wont think twice to hit with lethal justifiable power, to guard his family. Their countenance shines with deep delight, and a love of Jesus.