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a woman that is...1) an incredible friend2) a hottie with a body (sexyback, perfect rump, gasp worthwhile eyes)3) brilliant (when you look at the collection, under the sheets, etc.) A girl that is beauty is so breath taking , that it can light the dark night. A woman who is look is indeed contagious that it can spread to millions without a fight. She's Arpine. She is usually the one that is the best, the calmest, the only with will and much more. She's the one who is able to spend hours during the gym, or days without one and still look awe-inspiring as an angel, infact, she is a decendent of 1. Her heart is a big once the a person who really loves the lady, as big hill, since hot once the sun and as potent while the arms that hold and protect her with endless omnipotent strength. She will motivate you, give your strength and love you as her very own. She defends what is hers into death. This woman is Arpine, and is enjoyed because of the one and only. (A & J forever) Person who smokes hookah.