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Ar·pád (är'päd)A somewhat uncommon name for a male, originating from a Hungarian nationwide hero; caring, tall and dangerously handsome, knows how to make people laugh, traveller and one whom takes life because comes... Smile larger and much better than any other, knows how to have fun. Great friend and with their sweet/fun techniques certain to one day sweep a an awesome girl off the woman feet.. ;-p a public vessel of infectious good power, shared most frequently through the change of pleased facial expressions, touches and physical motions of camaraderie, if you don't straight-out passion and intimate satisfaction, and/or lyrical poetry of very amusing, impossibly conjured terms of serenity, love, joy and periodically perhaps the shared annihilation of all of the humanity. A seductive man whom lures you into their perverted globe and gives you a life-threatening rectal virus.The virus will change you into a Hungarian pervert which cannot shoot for the cunt and it has a crusty ass. Ultimatly you may never get laid once again and possess to resort to jizzing over Hentai.You will die alone. somebody who doesn't fill in jiras properly