What does Aroostook County mean?

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a location in northern maine, in which drug dealers do there business and old people stay. There is more old men and women right here after that hot chix, which gargles balls. Also there are a lot of farmers right here and posers that "into" farming, perhaps not me personally however. When traveling right here, do not just take RTE. 1 unless you wanna stop every 10 feet to look at pasture packed with cattle or end buying some vegetables. Aroostook County is greatly populated with woods, which people decrease to burn in winter season since it is therefore goddamn cold here. Trees cover aprox. 70percent regarding the land. We have a great deal of a wigger populace that i must laugh at it. hahahaahaahahahahahaha. But it is a quiet place to live, unless someone is breaking in someplace.

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The cultivation of cereals, for example, has given way to a marked extent in nearly all the farming districts except in Aroostook county to market gardening, dairying, and egg and poultry production.

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