What does Arnica mean?

Arnica meaning in General Dictionary

A genus of plants also the main types Arnica montana native of hills of European countries used in medication as a narcotic and stimulant

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  • used particularly in treating bruises
  • an ointment found in dealing with bruises
  • some of numerous rhizomatous frequently perennial plants of the genus Arnica
  • A genus of flowers; also, the main species (Arnica montana), indigenous of the mountains of European countries, found in medicine as a narcotic and stimulant.

Arnica meaning in Urban Dictionary

A medicinal natural herb with yellow blossoms that belongs to the sunflower family. Used as an anti-inflammatory for strains, sprains, bruises and muscles soreness.Don't consume it. Arnica offers the toxin helenalin, and that can be poisonous if huge amounts for the plant are eaten.

Arnica meaning in Etymology Dictionary

plant genus associated with borage family, 1753, contemporary Latin, of not known beginning. Klein suggests Arabic arnabiyah, a name of a type of plant, as the ultimate source.

Arnica meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A genus of flowers; additionally, the most important types (montana), indigenous of mountains of Europe, used in medication as a narcotic and stimulant.

Sentence Examples with the word Arnica

Isobutyric acid is found in the free state in carobs (Ceratonia siliqua) and in the root of Arnica dulcis, and as an ethyl ester in croton oil.

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