What does Army-drunk mean?

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A level of complete and complete inebriation only achievable by those that offer in america Army and by consuming large amounts of alcoholic beverages. Likely that occurs during squad initiation, post deployment functions, deployment, boredom.Origin- arises from the slogan"there is strong, and all of them there is Army-Strong!" Desirable belief by troops is the fact that just soldiers can party since tough as soldiers do, therefore the Army's brand-new motto ended up being changed(not officially) to "There's drunk, after which there's Army drunk!"Symptoms- Memory loss, failure to walk in a straight line, loud cadence calling, no recollection of history 24 hours, an increase in confidence accompanied by battling, AWOL, inexplicable crying, marriage, accidental release, discovering odd and often illegal things in you room, loss in sex-appeal, waking up close to nude fat women, getting out of bed with inexplicable discomfort, soreness, slices, bruises, marks, tattoos, etc., getting out of bed in unknown places(motor-pools, weapons-pool, Impact Areas, Qualifying ranges, NCOIC's area, woods etc.), Article-15's .