What does Armored AIDS Bears mean?

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America's only real adversary, these bears are unstoppable in just about every sense of the word. Really, Just About Any sense. By that i am talking about the only guy alone, or should I state, the two fists collectively that will beat this Armored HELPS menace. This man is Woodrow Wilson, The united states's 28th president. Straight back at ye olde peace conference in France or whatever, this development ended up being made. The summit ended up being stormed by Bears associated with Armored AIDS variety, and everybody fled for their everyday lives, excluding courageous Woodrow. Then developed their popular double punch strategy regarding fly, he used their instincts and directed for just what he knew had been the Bear's weak-spot. Inside his Armored AIDS throat! Realizing why these bears would not cease to pursue him, he concocted his unstoppable 14-point program. This plan of action consisted of punching these bears in their 14 essential things. That are the neck. That might be, let's see, hmmm.... 7 dual punches folks!!!At a lowly insignificant comfort seminar, a threat surfaced. And from its Armored AIDS ashes, a hero arose.