What does Armilla mean?

Armilla meaning in General Dictionary

An armil

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  • a celestial globe consisting of steel hoops; used by early astronomers to look for the jobs of performers
  • (archeology) a bracelet used around the wrist or supply
  • An armil.
  • A ring of tresses or feathers from the feet.

Armilla meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Female

Armilla meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1706, Latin, virtually "bracelet, armlet, arm band," from armus "shoulder, upper arm" (see arm (n.1)). Relevant: Armillary.

Armilla meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An armil.

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  • (letter.) A ring of hair or feathers on feet.

Sentence Examples with the word Armilla

Eratosthenes (276-196 B.C.) used most probably a solstitial armilla for measuring the obliquity of the ecliptic. Hipparchus (160-125 B.C.) probably used an armillary sphere of four rings.

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