What does Armchair Columbo mean?

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an individual who believes they may be able exercise the motives, activities and guilt of individuals involved with much talked about news unlawful cases, based only on media revelations and their particular restricted imagination.Derivation is from Lt Columbo (a fictional TV Homicide detective from 70's and 80's) just who always knew whom the killer had been, within 2 minutes of conference them (although, because this was fiction, he had been always right)Armchair Columbo's exist in a straightforward world full of grayscale motives, stranger potential risks and Paedophiles hiding behind every treeThey are more inclined to be conversant with TV authorities dramas than real world, and certainly will know plenty about forensic science from these types of programs as CSI:NY and NCIS, without recognizing that a lot of of the is fiction