What does Armageddon mean?

Armageddon meaning in General Dictionary

the last definitive struggle between your forces of great and evil as foretold into the Apocolypse of Saint John Also the website of that struggle Used metaphorically for a vast and definitive conflict attended by cataclysmic destruction

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  • any catastrophically destructive struggle
  • (New-Testament) the scene of last struggle amongst the leaders of Earth at the end of the planet

Armageddon meaning in Names Dictionary

A hill of fresh fruits, mountain of Megiddo. Non-gerderized Biblical name.
Name Origin: Biblical
Name Gender: Female

Armageddon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"a final conflict," 1811, figurative use of name in Rev. xvi:16, host to the truly amazing and last dispute, from Hebrew Har Megiddon "Mount of Megiddo," town in main Palestine, site of essential Israeli battles.

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Sentence Examples with the word Armageddon

The mutual slaughter of barbarians in the Levant seemed, even to George Canning, a lesser evil than a renewed Armageddon in Europe; and all the resources of diplomacy were set in motion to heal the rupture between Turkey and Russia.

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