What does Arm Twist Syndrome mean?

Arm Twist Syndrome meaning in Urban Dictionary

A syndrome a child suffers as a result of moms and dads using the youngster to control and supply perspective one other parent into staying with specific obvious manipulative requests. Demands eg inflated child support that will be not actually accustomed offer the kid on it's entirety, last-minute schedule modification for self-serving reasons, rules limiting the likelihood of a companion to add family value and balance to sed kid's life. Situations consist of as they are not restricted to "saying" to have an important various other just who takes extremely strange interest in a step fatherly / step motherly move - because of the ultimate goal of generating envy and envy where in fact the daddy / mother will respond with a desire to cock block / muff block the new predator.Doug: you are not taking our child to Daniele's home for dinner. Our child can wait for eating until we pick her up @ 8. I don't desire our girl thinking he's the woman daddy when you're a guest at his residence for dinner. In the event that you go against my wishes I will keep you from seeing your daughter and I will go over truth be told there and whoop their ass in front of your child. (supply perspective and cock block)Linda: fine asshole! You then cannot take our child around Janice. She'll hurt our child anyway by causing you to be. (Reverse arm perspective / muff block)*Both satisfied with outcome; but kid has actually supply angle syndrome