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the most wonderful character that ever before walked the facial skin with this earth. Is somewhat timid and socially unappreciated, as portrayed because of the youthful boy with Autism inside hit comedy the center. However Arlo's are magical creatures provided for deliver golden flakes of delight to all the who go before all of them. Arlo's are special. So unique they need to have their very own model of gum. is obvious AR-loh. Its of Spanish beginning, and its particular definition is "sex machine". Also Italian variant of Charles. Shot to popularity during the early 1970s, perhaps as a result of the popularity of folksinger Arlo Guthrie. A man so terrifying you empty your bowels on sight. He is able to crush you into a bloody pulp just by evaluating you. They can skin you live with one swipe of his mighty axe. He's pure evil incarnate. A unicorn loving guy that resembles an oompa loompa. He likes to jerk-off his co-workers in the chillers at airport. His idol is Neil Patrick Harris and he has actually rainbow stickers on their "manly" ford vehicles.