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Southern Arlington may be the component into Southern section of path 50. Most of the children that stay right here check-out Wakefield twelfth grade. We consider South Arlington as Green Valley, which is where a big mass of black colored and hispanics stay, and is not as great as remaining portion of the south-side. In addition, fairlington is what concerns people thoughts once they think about south-side, that is wrong. We live just a few obstructs from Pentagon/Pentagon town in a lil spot called "Arlington Ridge Nieghborhood". To not brag, nevertheless most expenisve nieghboorhood in Arlington. I've love for all Arlies,because we all share the common knowlegdge that southern Virginia is a number of hicks, and therefore Yorktown highschool tend to be a lot of assholes, just who couldnt hold a beer down for much more than an hour.