What does Arkansas mean?

Arkansas meaning in Etymology Dictionary

organized as a U.S. territory 1819 (admitted as a state 1836), called when it comes to Arkansas River, that was known as for a Siouan tribe. The spelling of this term represents a French plural, Arcansas, of a title put on the Quapaw individuals who existed in the Arkansas River; their particular title has also been written in very early times as Akancea, Acansea, Acansa (Dickinson, 1995). This was maybe not the name used by the Quapaws by themselves, nonetheless. The word /akansa/ had been put on them by Algonquian speakers; this is comprised of /a-/, an Algonquian prefix based in the brands of ethnic groups, plus /kk

Arkansas meaning in General Dictionary

a river that rises into the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and flows southeast through Kansas and Oklahoma and through Arkansas in order to become a tributary associated with the Mississippi River

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  • circumstances in south central united states of america; one of several Confederate says during the United states Civil War

Arkansas - German to English

Arkansas (River)

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  • Arkansas [The Natural State]
  • Hot Springs State [nickname] [Arkansas]
  • Natural State [nickname] [Arkansas]
  • Wonder State [nickname] [Arkansas]

Sentence Examples with the word Arkansas

The Ozark region is substantially a low dome, with local faulting and minor undulations, dominated by a ridge - or, more exactly, a relatively even belt of highland - that runs from near the Mississippi about Ste Genevieve county to Barry county on the Arkansas border; the contour levels falling with decided regularity in all directions below this crest.

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