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A Youth design that embodies the fabulousness of history, almost victorian aristocracy. Aristo Punk is a method which takes the aristocracy's fanciness and fine clothing with punk's stereotypically rude mannerisms and unconventional clothes and beliefs. Stanley Kubrick's version of Anthony Burgess's novel 'A Clockwork Orange' significantly influenced Aristo Punk. Especially the lead Alexander Burgess. They put on primarily deluxe textiles. Additionally the dress must-have's tend to be:Cane/Walking StickTop Hat or Bowler/Derby HatBowties & dress-shirtSuspendersPatches, paint-splatter, or phony bloodOvercoatAnd extravagant correct eye make-up.They also learn good arts..and tend to be superfans of classical music..all Aristo Punks share a love of Beethoven (Ludwig Van), nevertheless the more real into the design Aristo's proclaim that although Beethoven is Jesus...it's important to possess a broad different passion for composers, and fine art, the work that most useful represents Aristo Punk is of Liverpool born Ged Quinn. Aristo's speak to various other Aristo's in a language called Nadsat, (Russian for teenager) they study The Bible, and even though they cannot practice it anymore for this is unlawful...they pretend to-be associated with ultra physical violence.Aristo punk's are known for becoming cynical and reckless. There is also a distaste when it comes to expert also punks that are careless in most thing they do.In addition they tend to phone every person by their first-name excluding authority, to exhibit rudeness.