What does Aristasia aristasia mean?

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a mythical world where there aren't any guys. The 2 sexes tend to be blondes and brunettes. Its a gentle, innocent and civilized world. also referred to as "Arie"a unique, unique , and affectionate woman. no body does everything like she does. she can be very loud and very remarkable, yet sometimes (usually unusual) shy and quiet. you'll often tell when some thing up, but you can trust this lady. she'll love you prefer no body else and she can be as caring and nurturing as a mother. this woman is a force become reckoned with, and hell could break free. never get the woman upset. she life on affection, hugs, and such a thing intimate or pretty . she will be delicate and mental, and it isn't afraid to express the way she seems.physicality wise. beautiful curves .overall..she is a remarkably beautiful person. you may never find any person like the girl. hold the girl close, this woman is amazing.