What does Arisbee mean?

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(A carnivorous butterfly.)-Beautiful, caramel mocha skin, dainty pink lips, almond eyes. Produces numerous calls, squeaks, squeals, yips depending on the situation/mood. Beauty mark under attention. Hair color differs (brown/black.) Apparently fragile in all respects, quite strong in mind, heart, human body, and spirit.- Definitely intelligent. Only one in the great outdoors, such as the penguin, has just one partner inside her heart at a time. Sometimes 4 life. Pays attention to wide selection of music, to lure in a trap, woman GaGa/Spongebob is recommended. All-natural behavior includes: Baking, dancing, loving the woman GF. Brain features at amounts not greater or lower, however in 3D to that particular of a person brain.- Shower w/kisses, squeeze virtually to the level of crushing, stay in constant contact, snuggle as much as possible, tickle whenever necessary(put a knee engrossed if need be.)- STRICTLY VEGETARIAN/VEGAN!!!Give a Naked to make certain optimal conditioning.- Dancing/varied exercises. Bike trips= expectable.WARNING: This lovable small thing is highly addictive&lovable. Could absolutely adore her when a tinkling giggle resounds out-of her.-Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, discover just one in the great outdoors, this original female is very much loved, appreciated, maintained, and treasured, belonging to a private..."owner" (a phrase I use loosely, since it's like saying getting a Unicorn, you cannot acquire a Unicorn.) You are able to only have the lady if she chooses to flutter into your path....and if she does...DO NOT LET HER GO!!