What does Arik Arik Arik mean?

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a youngster that is an incredible friend, person who you'll depend on for any such thing. Someone who is a sweetheart, asshole, a CUUUUUTIEEE, and extremely freaking funny. That you don't discover several things unusual or awkward at all when you men tend to be together. Do not bother attempting to hate him, or begin crisis 'cause he don't allow it effect him after all. A badass whom wears short pants throughout every season. Even if the elements falls to radical tempuratures like -35 levels, this badass is seen braving the cold in the jean shorts. The most wonderful, breathtaking, dorky person you'll previously satisfy. He is completely imperfect, continuously making you laugh and he's constantly sweet as well as be. He is a complete cutie together with most sensible thing with previously walked into the life.