What does Ariel mean?

Ariel meaning in General Dictionary

into the Cabala a water nature in later folklore a light and elegant nature of the air

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  • multiple the gazelle Antilope dorcas or Gazella dorcas within Arabia and adjacent countries
  • Alt. of Ariel gazelle

Ariel meaning in Names Dictionary

Lioness of God.
Name Origin: Hebrew
Name Gender: Unisex

Ariel meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1382, in the Wyclif Bible, a word taken untranslated through the Vulgate, from Greek ariel (Sept.), from Hebrew ariel; in later Bibles, translated as "altar." (Gesenius would right here convert "fire-hearth of Jesus," after Arab. arr; somewhere else in O.T. the exact same term happens as a person's title, and appellation of Jerusalem, in which it is taken as = "lion of Jesus.") Ariel in T. Heywood and Milton is the title of an angel, in Shakespeare of "an Ayrie character"; in Astron. of 1 associated with the satellites of Uranus. [OED] Whilst the name of a types of gazelle found in the Middle East, 1832, from Arabic aryil, variant of ayyil "stag."

Ariel - German to English

Ariel [angel, e.g. Is 29:1-7]

Ariel meaning in General Dictionary

Alt. of gazelle

Sentence Examples with the word Ariel

Indeed, Ariel flourishes in the service of Prospero under the external government of the many-headed brute.

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