What does Arianism mean?

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The doctrines of the Arians

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  • heretical doctrine taught by Arius that asserted the radical primacy of this Father within the child
  • The doctrines of the Arians.

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A Christological view held because of the supporters of Arius.The belief that Jesus Christ is not section of God, but a being developed and inferior incomparison to Jesus. Condemned as heretical in 325 AD.

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c.1600, from Arian + -ism.

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A view called after Arius (256-336), energetic presbyter of Alexandria, condemned as a heretic by the ancient Catholic Church. Arius held that Jesus and Jesus are not of the identical substance (the orthodox place). He maintained that even though Son had been subordinate towards daddy he had been of the same nature. The debate in the relation of Jesus to Jesus involved the question associated with divine condition of Jesus. If he weren't divine just how could the chapel justify him as an object of worship, of trust, and adoration? If he could be divine, exactly how could such a belief square using the doctrine of just one Jesus (monotheism)? Arianism tended toward the doctrine regarding the subordination of Jesus to God, concerning the severe Arians whom held Jesus becoming unlike Jesus and also the reasonable Arians which held that Jesus was of similar essence with Jesus but not of the same substance. Some eighteen councils had been convened to consider this burning up concern, events in energy condemning and placing one another under the ban. The Council of Nicea in 325 repudiated Arian inclinations although concern had been fought with uncertain result until the Council of Constantinople in 381 reaffirmed the orthodox view. -- V.F.

Arianism meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The doctrines associated with Arians.

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Ere long Arianism and Socinianism were general among English Presbyterians (see Unitarianism).

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