What does Argyle mean?

Argyle meaning in Names Dictionary

from land of the Irish.
Name Origin: Celtic
Name Gender: Male

Argyle meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"diamond-shaped design of several colors in material," considered so called from similarity to tartans donned by Campbell clan of Argyll, Scotland. The spot name's literally "land associated with the Gaels," from Old Irish airer "country." Argyle socks is from 1935.

Argyle meaning in General Dictionary

a covered gravy holder of silver or any other steel containing a detachable main vessel for hot-water to keep the gravy warm

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  • a design composed of a design of varicolored diamonds on a solid history (originally for knitted articles); designed after the tartan of a clan in western Scotland
  • a sock knitted or woven with an argyle design (usually found in the plural)

Sentence Examples with the word Argyle

The result of this daring ride was a ten days' fever, after which she removed by short stages to Craigmillar, where a proposal for her divorce from Darnley was laid before her by Bothwell, Murray, Huntly, Argyle and Lethington, who was chosen spokesman for the rest.

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