What does Arete mean?

Arete meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Female

Arete meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"sharp crest of a mountain," 1862, from Swiss French ar

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  • essential concept in Greek philosophy, "virtue, excellence," particularly of manly attributes; virtually "whatever is good." The relative form is areion, the superlative is aristos (compare aristocracy).

Arete meaning in General Dictionary

a sharp slim ridge present durable mountains

Arete - Spanish to English


Arete - French to English

bone [of seafood]

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  • fishbone
  • crest
  • connection associated with the nostrils

Arete meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

See Virtue.

Sentence Examples with the word Arete

Aristotle has left some verses from an invocation to Arete (Virtue), commemorating the worth of Hermeas, who had been seized by Persian treachery and put to death.

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