What does Areopagus mean?

Areopagus meaning in General Dictionary

the best judicial court at Athens the sessions were held on Mars Hill thus any large courtroom or tribunal

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  • a hill towards to the western for the Athenian acropolis where came across the highest governmental council of old Athens and later a judicial judge
  • the highest government construction in old Athens (later a judicial court)
  • The highest judicial judge at Athens. Its sessions were held on Mars' Hill. Thus, any large court or tribunal

Areopagus meaning in Names Dictionary

The mountain of Mars. Non-gerderized Biblical title.
Name Origin: Biblical
Name Gender: Female

Areopagus meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, Greek, Areios pagos "the mountain of Ares," western associated with Acropolis in Athens, where in fact the highest judicial court sat; second factor from pagos "rocky mountain." Feeling extended to "any essential tribunal."

Areopagus meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The greatest judicial judge at Athens. Its sessions had been held on Mars' Hill. Therefore, any large judge or tribunal

Sentence Examples with the word Areopagus

In the time of the Peisistratids the Agora was enlarged so as to extend over the Inner Ceramicus on the north-west, apparently reaching the northern declivities of the Areopagus and the Acropolis on the south.

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