What does Areolae mean?

Areolae meaning in Urban Dictionary

The textured epidermis, occasionally hairy, on the breast surrounding the nipple. It's the exact same shade or near to the exact same color as the breast however it is not the nipple. Colors really from pale light pinks and reds to light brown or brownish, virtually black, according to the persons skin tone. Models consist of tiny coins to since large as beverage coasters. Both color and size may transform with heat, cold, stimulation, hormones, or maternity.

Areolae meaning in General Dictionary

of Areola

Areolae meaning in General Dictionary

(pl. ) of Areola

Sentence Examples with the word Areolae

The spines are variously coloured, white and yellow tints predominating, and from the symmetrical arrangement of the areolae or tufts of spines they are very pretty objects, and are hence frequently kept in drawing-room plant cases.

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