What does Arena mean?

Arena meaning in General Dictionary

the location in central element of an amphitheater in which the gladiators fought as well as other shows were displayed so named as it was covered with sand

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  • the main section of a historical Roman amphitheater where competitions and spectacles had been held; specifically a location that has been strewn with sand
  • a particular environment or go of life
  • a playing industry where recreations events happen
  • a sizable framework for open-air recreations or entertainments
  • The area in central part of an amphitheater, where the gladiators fought also shows had been exhibited; -- so-called since it had been covered with sand.
  • anyplace of community contest or exertion; any sphere of activity; since, the arenaof discussion; the arena of life.
  • "Sand" or "gravel" inside kidneys.

Arena meaning in Names Dictionary

Holy one.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Female

Arena meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1620s, "place of combat," from Latin harena "place of fight," initially "sand, sandy destination," perhaps from Etruscan. The central stages of Roman amphitheaters were strewn with sand to take in the bloodstream.

Arena meaning in Sports Dictionary

The venue when it comes to start and finish of this occasion in significant championships including the Olympic Games. (sport: Track Events - Marathon)

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  • your website on that tug-of-war is held. It should be flat, calculating at the least more or less 55m by 11m. Essentially it really is oval fit and surrounded by a firmly erected buffer. (recreation: Tug-of-War)
  • the region where tv show jumping is contested. (sport: Show Jumping)
  • For worldwide competitors the arena must determine 66yd by 22yd. It really is covered in sand and should be perfectly level. (sport: Dressage)

Arena meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

where something occurs; the area which specific actions happen.

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  • arena
  • arena
  • circus band

Arena meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The region when you look at the main part of an amphitheater, where the gladiators fought and other shows had been displayed; -- so named as it was covered with sand.

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  • (letter.) Anywhere of general public contest or exertion; any sphere of action; because, the arenaof debate; the arena of life.
  • (letter.) "Sand" or "gravel" within the kidneys.

Sentence Examples with the word Arena

The fighting-bulls are chiefly reared in the marshes and alluvial valleys; they are bred for strength and swiftness rather than size, and a good specimen should be sufficiently agile to leap over the inner barrier of the arena (about 68 in.

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