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an individual who is features an incredible personality, and who is therefore cool that you actually cannot meet any person cooler. Arek has a heart with an endless capacity for love and compassion. This is why, he's numerous pals plus the lucky one who is online dating them won't like to loose all of them. Arek is somebody who constantly knows just the right thing to say to create someone feel a lot better. They're exceptional pals, family members oriented and contribute significantly to your neighborhood. Arek can also be a prankster, and can seize any time to scare or leap out at you (Of course its all-in good enjoyable.) Arek is competitive, amusing, easy-going, relaxed and gets his kicks out-of doing things he really loves like hanging out, listening to songs and kicking some butt. Individuals who're luckily enough to know Arek value their relationship along with his genuine nature. Arek is a really devoted individual, that will be what people around him admire many. Their comedic personality constantly has actually individuals laughing! Arek can be ridiculously attractive. Their significant other will usually feel loved, valued and desired. Arek is a phenomenal individual, inside and outside. He is a magnet! a sweet, eccentric, remarkably brilliant one who's extremely available to many things and loves to be around pals a lot of the time. Often relatively secretive about his emotions, but very empathic towards other people. Emo kid who loves to listen to tear and hipop. Their most readily useful actual feature is football and baseball; along with his worst fear is bags.