What does Arecibo mean?

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A backwater ghetto city located in the northwest of Puerto Rico. Arecibo is recognized as to-be certainly one of Puerto Rico's important locations, however in truth, If it absolutely wasn't when it comes to fact that Arecibo has the entire world's biggest radio-telescope it'd be yet another no place city on the chart. It's also a genuine discouraging city, all run-down and shabby looking mainly because we had the misfortune of getting inexperienced thieving scumbags for mayors.The destination can also be residence to a lot of bible-thumping ignorant hicks(or jibaros as we call them)who waste their resides away with booze, operating old pummelled American vehicles and pick-up vehicles. After which we have snooty yuppies with huge gas-guzzling mini-vans and SUVs not to mention their "bad son" Harley Davidson motorcycles to drive regarding the weekend when they wish feel "free". In addition a lot of the city's youth are punk-ass cacos(wankstas) without any sense fashion(or reasoning) whose only objective in life is to be a drug dealership, a reggaeton DJ or perhaps the owner of a vehicle modification shop to enable them to "trick away" rice rockets and motor-scooters with ghetto-fab noise methods and cheap visuals. After which there is the women. All the girls in Arecibo are homely skanks or fatties additionally the couple of women which can be hot or about halfway decent are either A)married or B) stuck up bitches with more bling around their particular necks than brains in their heads whom act like their particular shit cannot stink and don't also provide you with the time of day if you do not drive a super-expensive luxury automobile or a brand-new motorcycle. The majority of the "cool" or wothwhile places in Arecibo aren't even yet in Arecibo at all(except for the radio-telescope needless to say) in their particular neighboring cities particularly Hatillo and Barceloneta. And yeah Arecibo does have some cool people nevertheless have to look real difficult to find them.