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a winner track which was circulated in 1998 for Doctor Dolittle Soundtrack. The tune had been mainly created by Timbaland, and ended up being sang by Aaliyah with back ground vocals provided by Playa. It was written and composed because of the belated Static significant (Stephen Ellis Garrett). Many people simply relate to it due to the fact track with the child laughing/crying it it.t or it is often stated that song had been cut (made) within one evening, and ended up being originally maybe not expected to have the cooing child noise result within the history. Timbaland chose to throw that in on eleventh hour, despite a number of their buddies stating that it sounded stupid. He felt which he knew exactly what he had been performing when he put it inside, and obviously he was right, given that it has-been an original hit ever since. In addition, the "dirty south" intro to the tune ended up being thrown in at the last second combined with infant giggling. DESPITE WHAT YOU MAY HAVE HEARD, THE CHILD GIGGLING DIDN'T COME FROM AMONG AALIYAH'S RESIDENCE VIDEOS. THAT EFFECT HAS BEEN UTILIZED IN ANYTHING FROM TOYS TO TELEVISION ADVERTISEMENTS, AND THEY DID NOT GET IT FROM AALIYAH. IT IS OFTEN OUT FOR MANY YEARS. TIMBALAND GOT IT FROM SOMEPLACE ELSE, LOVE POSSIBLY THE INTERNET. IF YOU GO ON LIMEWIRE AND KEY IN "BABY GIGGLING", THEN CHANCES ARE YOU JUST MIGHT COME ACROSS IT.This song continues to be popular these days, despite becoming overshadowed by the woman other people particularly rock the vessel, decide to try once more and miss you.