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An "tend to be okay circle" constitutes a playground artform practiced on different primary school campuses across the usa. Typically, when a person sustains damage whilst engaged in sport or easy frivolity, he/she shall fall on floor and commence spinning in a choice of a clockwise or counterclockwise way. After the hurt person has commenced the ritual, various other playground denizens shall congregate in a circular to elliptical shape around said hurt person and spin inside reverse direction (e.g. counterclockwise in the event that injured celebration chooses to spin in a clockwise manner), whilst saying vigorously, "Are you OK? are you currently OK?".Perfected at Quail Creek Elementary class in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma within the late 1980s and early 1990s, the are you currently OK circle can become intricately complex, featuring numerous interlocking bands rotating in other directions. Considered by some observers as a form of contemporary art, the will you be OK circle has slowly degenerated through the years, becoming instead disorganized and haphazard.