What does Are mean?

Are meaning in General Dictionary

the system of shallow measure becoming a square that each part is ten yards in total 100 square yards or about 1196 square yards

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  • the current indicative plural of this substantive verb becoming but etymologically yet another word from be or was Am art are and is all originate from the source as
  • a unit of area add up to 100 square meters
  • The present indicative plural associated with substantive verb become; but etymologically an alternative term from be, or ended up being. Am, art, are, and is, all result from the main as.
  • the system of shallow measure, being a square of which each part is ten meters in total; 100 square meters, or just around 119.6 square yards.

Are meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: German
Name Gender: Male

Are meaning in Law Dictionary

surface measure in French law, in the form of a square, add up to 1070.441 square feet.

Are meaning in Etymology Dictionary

current plural indicative of be (q.v.), from Old English earun (Mercian), aron (Northumbrian). Also from Old Norse cognates. In 17c., begun to replace be, ben as very first individual plural current indicative in standard English. The sole non-dialectal success of maintain this sense could be the capabilities that feel. However in southwest England, we be (in Devonshire us be) stays non-standard idiom as a contradictory positive ("You folks aren't talking correct English." "Oh, yes we be!").

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  • square device of 10 meters on each part, 1819, from French, formed 1795 by decree of French National Convention, from Latin location "vacant little bit of surface" (identify location).

Are - German to English

are [100 m²]

Are meaning in General Dictionary

today's indicative plural associated with the substantive verb to-be; but etymologically an alternate word from be, or had been. Am, art, are, and is, all originate from the main as.

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  • (letter.) The machine of superficial measure, becoming a square that each part is ten meters in length; 100 square yards, or just around 119.6 square yards.

Sentence Examples with the word Are

The retorts are charged with molten sulphur from an upper reservoir, which is kept at the requisite temperature by means of the lost heat of the retort fires.

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