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Ardsley twelfth grade is a superb scholastic school run by the moms and dads of this rich jewish pupils. The PTA has more power compared to the concept or vice concept and even the superintendant. It is a school of several cliques while your maybe not part of the correct one...start sobbing. Younger kids (underclassman0 tend to be tiny and insignificant and have now no say in anything at all. The seniors absolutely hate the juniors as well as the juniors positively despise the sophmores as they nonetheless think about all of them freshman. The schools number 1 sport is fencing therefore the number 2 recreation is argumentally wrestling. The basketball staff was terrible after the league tournament in 2002. The football group is bull crap and usually consistes of little,unathletic white young ones that think they run shit. Baseball players but operate the school and obtain most of the value and priveledges. Ardsley was the CHAMPIONS OF INGESTING for some time now. DRinking is an Ardsley past time from 2000-2008 which is ending with the seniors of 09 and will be basically unusual utilizing the arrival of seniors 2010. Everyone pushes drunk and certainly will do anything to find yourself in a house party. Following the deviation of seniors 08 and 09 Ardsley sucks and is declining in academics and personal life. Ardsley sucks