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town where the the greatest drinkers in the world are molded into weapons of size drinkstruction An incredibly VERY ridiculous city 20 mins far from New York City. Perhaps not small adequate that everybody knows EVERYONE, but let's just say that town is a Starbucks, CVS, and like six various other stores? Extremely boring and 90% of the people listed here are white rich suburbanites who've no clue of life at night tiny walls of Westchester. It is said becoming rather 'diverse' though, at least the schools, and our schools are really 'good' and instruct us 'a good deal'. Appropriate...Also, sadly, the hometown of Jesse McCartney. Stupid druggie that he is. ardsley is the one sq mile, in which we all know everyone elses shit, no secrets tend to be held, plus than half the hs smokes weed on a regular basis. Additionally, home of monte, the best kid ever before, also, DAVE BROWN once looked at me personally