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A town in south Oklahoma with one of many greatest crime prices in the United States. 99percent associated with teen populace is on Ecstasy and LSD with 50% currently trying out cocaine, heroine, and crystal meth. There's also many blacks. The only real spot interesting is Wal Mart, open twenty-four hours a day. The commerical hub associated with principal Line. Chock full of finance companies, pizza pie stores, tasteful restaurants, artsy coffee stores, and BMW's, Audi's and Lexus's coursing through Lancaster Avenue at any moment of time. Also home to a single associated with the original IHOP restaurants. Ardmore is a rather diverse town, and will not possess reputation for being since money-laden as adjacent municipalities particularly Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Wynnewood. Suburban Square, one of the primary outdoor shopping centers, is situated right here. Home of a mixer of Blacks, Rich White children and bad Degos, often reffered to suburb trash and murder money for the Delco location. White children rep it since there are black children there. And also the Ebony Kids overcome the Whites up for there bicycle. House of nothing easier to do but go to sev or strike up some weed.Home of Spring Ave