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Progressive/Black Metal band. A Norwegian avant-garde material musical organization. Arcturus formed in 1987 as a black steel band known as Mortem, established by keyboardist Steinar Johnsen, Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg (Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir), and bassist/vocalist Marius Vold. in 1994 Marius left the musical organization and had been changed by bassist Hugh Mingay, vocalist Kristoffer "Garm" Rygg (ex-Borknagar, Ulver), and guitarist Carl August Tidemann.Arcturus released their particular very first album Aspera Hiems Symfonia in 1995. Aspera ended up being the sole real black steel record Arcturus would launch, but still included the experimental elements which may later define Arcturus' special sound. After it's release Tidermann left the band and had been replaced by Knut Magne Valle.In 1997 Arcturus circulated their particular breakthrough record, La Masquerade Infernale. Infernale had been a massive action away from the doom/black steel noise of Aspera, moving to an even more definitive avant-garde style, integrating eerie carnival body organs and lyrical themes revolving around classical theater and literary works. Los angeles Masquerade Infernale in addition saw initial appearance of Simen "ICS Vortex" Hestnaes as a guest vocalist on Master of Disguise, The Chaos Path, and Painting My Horror; Hestnaes' singing acrobatics on The Chaos route would make it Arcturus' preferred song.The next five years saw just silence from Arcturus because they recorded and, in 2002, circulated their third record album, The Sham Mirrors. The Sham Mirrors represented a whole deviation from earlier records, leaving the traditional elements of La Masquerade Infernale in favor of a contemporary, "sci-fi" influenced sound, including outer-space themed words instead of the semi-Satanic noises of earlier works. Track 6, Radical Cut, ended up being virtually a reminiscence of Arcturus' black steel roots, featuring distinguished Emperor vocalist Vegard "Ihsahn" Tveitan.Arcturus' last record, entitled Sideshow Symphonies, premiered in 2005, and saw the deviation of longtime vocalist Garm and, after 9 years, the return of ICS Vortex, today the band's lead vocalist. With the introduction of Hestnaes emerged still another change in Arcturus' sound, moving from the obvious sci-fi theme associated with Sham Mirrors to a dreamy, meandering aesthetic, featuring quieter guitars, prominent vocals, and paid off utilization of synthesizers. Sideshow Symphonies, and Los Angeles Masquerade Infernale, is considered to be one of the best examples of avant-garde metal currently.Arcturus introduced their DVD, Shipwrecked In Oslo, in 2006. The DVD features their set performed in the Sonic Solstice Festival, an image slideshow, and rehearsal video footage.On April 16th, 2007, it absolutely was announced your musical organization would-be breaking up, and much more detail by detail were revealed in an official declaration circulated regarding band's website on April 17th. The state declaration had been compiled by all of the musical organization people, confirming rumours that were circulating after their particular Melbourne show, the last among the Australian tour, whereHestnæs introduced the show using words "Welcome to the last Arcturus show- previously." The declaration went on to say the split was a 'decision we made a while ago,' and therefore due to ongoing 'things' within their careers and resides, the members could no further 'find the time to carry on dealing with this band.' The declaration closed with a tribute towards followers associated with band, "We are simple and grateful to all the folks that have supported and liked united states over the years." The ultimate outlines being the names regarding the last lineup of musical organization which was Arcturus.