What does Arctic Circle mean?

Arctic Circle meaning in Urban Dictionary

Arc-tic Cir-cle(noun, plural -there is not any plural. there was only 1 Arctic Circle) arhk-tik sur-kuhl1. a gathering floor (usually UTD) in which penguins and walruses put aside their particular distinctions and chat plenty of sh!t, drink, eat, drop passes and sometimes actually play soccer

Arctic Circle meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1550s, in mention of a celestial circle, a line around the sky which, in any area, bounds the performers which tend to be ever-visible from that latitude (in Northern Hemisphere, this really is focused on the celestial north pole); the concept extends back to your old Greeks, for who this set of constellations included many prominently both bears (arktoi), thus the name for circle (see arctic). Of Earth, the group 66 degrees 32 moments north regarding the equator, marking the southern extremity of the polar time, it is recorded from 1620s.

Arctic Circle meaning in General Dictionary

a line of latitude near but south of the north pole; it marks the northernmost point at which the sunlight can be viewed from the north winter season solstice in addition to southernmost point of which the midnight sunlight can be seen on north summer time solstice

Sentence Examples with the word Arctic Circle

South of the Arctic circle they are, under ordinary circumstances, confined to the plateaus covered with dwarf birch and juniper above the conifer-region, though in Tromso amt and in Finmarken they occur in all suitable localities down to the level of the sea.

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