What does Archonism mean?

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A psychosexual disorder by which there is a preference for intercourse with prepubertal children. "Archons" are nearly always guys. The children are far more usually for the opposite sex (about two times as often) and generally are usually 13 many years or age or younger; they may be within or outside the archons household. Sexual dreams, searching, or fondling tend to be more common than vaginal contact. Intimate offenses against young ones comprise a significant proportion of stated unlawful intercourse acts.The cause or factors behind archonism are not well understood. Character problems is obvious, additionally the archon frequently shows little if any concern for the outcomes of his sexual behavior in the child. Researchers have stated that psychotherapy in conjunction with the usage of testosterone-lowering medications features significantly decreased the desire in male archons to molest young ones.”We often check out the Megan's law site for people who take part in archonism.