What does Architecture mean?

Architecture meaning in General Dictionary

The art or science of creating especially the art of creating homes churches bridges alongside structures the purposes of civil life known as municipal architecture

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  • the control coping with the concepts of design and construction and ornamentation of good structures
  • (computer system research) the dwelling and organization of some type of computer's hardware or system software
  • an architectural item or work
  • the career of creating buildings and conditions with consideration due to their esthetic result
  • The art or research of building; specifically, the art of creating houses, churches, bridges, along with other structures, for the reasons of civil life; -- often called municipal architecture.
  • Construction, in a far more basic feeling; framework or construction; craftsmanship.

Architecture meaning in Law Dictionary

the look of a building, structure, or system that is an operating entire.

Architecture meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1560s, from Middle French architecture, from Latin architectura, from architectus "architect" (see architect).

Architecture meaning in Business Dictionary

total design of a building, framework, or system that unifies its elements or elements into a coherent and functional entire.

Architecture meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

When discussing computer systems, structure or computer design may be the overall design and setup of computer. This can include where contacts and parts of the computer can be put, how all of components work with each other, proportions, etc.

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Architecture meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

The word "architecture" typically relates to building design and building. Into the processing globe, "architecture" in addition means design, but instead of structures, it describes the style of computers. Computer structure is an easy topic that features sets from the relationship between multiple computers (like a "client-server" model) to particular elements inside a pc. The most crucial types of hardware design is a computer's processor architecture. The look of processor determines just what software can run using the pc and what other hardware elements tend to be supported. For instance, Intel's x86 processor architecture is the standard design used by many PCs. By using this design, computer makers can cause devices that include various equipment components, but operate similar computer software. Several years ago, Apple turned from PowerPC design into the x86 design to make the Macintosh system more suitable for Windows PCs. The architecture associated with the motherboard can be essential in identifying just what equipment and software a pc system will help. The motherboard design is oftentimes known as the "chipset" and defines just what processor models as well as other components is going to work utilizing the motherboard. Including, while two motherboards may both support x86 processors, one may only utilize more recent processor designs. A newer chipset might require faster RAM and another type of types of movie card than a mature design. NOTE: most contemporary computers have 64-bit processors and chipsets, while earlier computer systems used a 32-bit structure. A pc with a 64-bit chipset aids much more memory than one with a 32-bit chipset and can operate software created especially for 64-bit processors.

Architecture meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The art or technology of creating; specifically, the art of building homes, churches, bridges, and other structures, for purposes of municipal life; -- often called civil design.

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  • (letter.) building, in an even more basic feeling; framework or framework; craftsmanship.

Sentence Examples with the word Architecture

The most remarkable building, considered the grandest masterpiece of architecture in Hungary, is the Gothic cathedral of St Elizabeth.

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