What does Archibald mean?

Archibald meaning in Names Dictionary

really bold.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Archibald meaning in Etymology Dictionary

masc. correct title, from Old High German Erchanbald, literally "genuine strong," from erchan "genuine" + bald (see strong). Archie, Uk World War I armed forces slang for "German anti-aircraft fire" (1915) supposedly is from black colored humor of airmen dodging aggressive fire and thinking of the refrain of a popular music hallway tune, "Archibald, not!"

Sentence Examples with the word Archibald

And Archbishop Laud had just met with a reverse in their efforts to impose the English liturgy upon the Scots; and fearing further measures on the part of the king, it occurred to Archibald Johnston, Lord Warriston, to revive the National Covenant of 1581.

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