What does Archers vs Tanks mean?

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a rather typical dilemma present in most RTSes that range a really wide historic timeline, i.e. Empire World. The definition of comes from a specific scenario from said online game, making it possible to usually see Swordsmen battling WWII Marines, Trebuchets laying siege to "Laser Walls", or effortlessly, Archers vs. Tanks. This case, whilst not truly gameplay influencing typically, is still extremely strange to see, since it substracts realism towards the online game, that is some thing numerous, if not many people, attention about.If we had been to create one game, my solutions would be:- Divide the video game into different components or "years" and associate the matching units and techs every single, as you had # games within one. It might be almost like Prehistory to Vintage Age, then Dark Age to Renaissance, etc. You could nonetheless mix archers with tanks inside Editor for a time travel scenario. =D- Old products would break down over time, then die. It could not seem enjoyable, albeit it can include even more realism in spite of "random fun".- Archers would get firearms - yes, I'm speaking of automatic upgrading. Keeping the fun and army strength despite some logics.